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Call John or Amanda today on (02) 4739 8034 or mobile 0408 245892 for all enquiries and bookings.

Tour Cost
$1,990.00 (per vehicle and includes permits and camping fees along the way, including the Fat Boy Ferry over the Pieman River)

Tour Dates
No trips scheduled for after February 2017
Tasmanian west coast beach on Tasmanian 4wd Tag Along Tour by Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours

Australian 4x4 tag Along Tours Tourism Accredited Business

Tasmania 4x4 Tag Along Tour

Our next 4wd Tasmania Tag Along Tour that will run for 10 days, starting and ending in Devenport, will be in February 2017. 

Following our very successful Tasmania 4x4 Tag Along Tour in February 2015 this trip will follow a similar route and will visit many of the Tasmanian iconic 4wd destinations.

Along the way this Tasmania 4wd tag along tour will also experience total contrasts from wind swept, almost isolated areas and with little vegetation to lush, dense, forested regions. 

The pace of life seems much slower in Tasmania than most of us probably know and just about everywhere we go the locals will be pleased to see you. There is even the, almost never seen on the mainland, driveway service at most servos where you will have a chat, as you are being refuelled, about nothing much but enjoying it anyway. 

visiting Musselroe Point, Tasmania on a Tasmania 4wd tag along tour

The Tassie 4wd Tag Along trip is not trailer friendly. The cost INCLUDES all of the national park permits, all camping fees for the entire trip, including Hobart, and the ferry charge to cross the Pieman River. Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours will organise everything for you.

Tasmania is an exciting destination and John Cantrell, under the banner of Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours and Australian 4x4 Driver Training, is an experienced tour operator, having lead trips to some of Australia's most remote regions, some even without any tracks and where no person or vehicle had ever been before.

John will be leading this Tassie 4wd tag along trip so that you can be sure that you are in capable hands. Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours is an Australian Tourism Accredited Business.

Your trip leader has many decades of 4wd driving experience in both Australia and overseas, is a Registered Training Organisation and also runs one of New South Wales leading 4wd driver training businesses, so you know you will be in the hands of someone who really cares that this trip leaves many happy memories for you for many years to come.

This Tasmanian 4wd Tag Along will be run in a relaxed atmosphere as we don't have a whole lot of rules and regulations, you are coming with us to have a good holiday so enjoy yourself.

Trial Harbour Beach, Tasmania on Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours Tasmanian 4wd tag along tour

There is a reason why so many of our customers keep coming back to do additional trips with Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours. Read what they have to say on the Testimonials page, there is a link to it at the top of this page.

Tasmania is a special place and not many get the opportunity to explore it to its full, this is your chance to see afair bit of it. The Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours Tasmania 4wd Tag Along is a relaxed trip over 10 days with free time for yourself to go and do the things that you especially want to do, there could possibly even be some time for a bit of fishing, bush walking, drive an extra track, explore the beaches or maybe just chill out once in a while to take in the serenity that Tasmania has to offer.

From Devonport the Tasmania 4wd Tag Along Tour heads west as we head for one of Australia's best kept secrets as far as 4wd destinations go. Stops along the way will include the stunning lookout at Table Cape, near Wynyard, and the historic town of Stanley and its Highfield Point.

We will spend several days exploring Tasmania's west coast and our first night will be spent camping at, or near, Arthur River before setting off the next day to explore the historic inland town of Balfour, just the old bar is left now, and the legendary Balfour Track of course, which will take us back west to the coast and to the start of us
exploring Sandy Cape.

Montezuma Falls Track on Tasmania 4x4 Tag Along Tour Trip   driving the Balfour Track on Tasmanian 4wd Tag along tour

There will almost certainly be one or two vehicles that get stuck in the beach sand, wouldn't be Sandy Cape if they didn't, so, depending on how many do get stuck will determine what time we get to Sandy Cape itself and where we camp that night, but it will almost certainly be in the dunes adjacent to the beach.

Next day we plan to travel to Corrina, a beautiful little spot on the banks of the Pieman River, we will take a break at this point and stay the night camped alongside the river. You can cook your own that night or eat in the local restaurant. 

So first up for the day and a ferry ride as we transport our vehicles over the Pieman River in the Fatboy Ferry. 

The day starts with a fairly easy drive as we move on to Zeehan, which will be our camsite for the next two nights, but a little more interesting later on in the day as we take a drive up to the Montezuma Falls and, at 104 metres high, one of the highest in Tasmania.

Next day is a sort of free day, just chill out, wander the town or join us on a drive down to nearby Trial Harbour on the coast where there is a choice of beach and bush driving.

Remote beach on Tasmanian West Coast visited by Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours Tasmania 4wd tag along trip

From Zeehan our next destination is Hobart via Strahan, which I think is one of the most picturesque places in Tasmania, and Queenstown from where we wind our way for quite some way along conventional roads to Hobart where we will be for two nights.

You are free to do whatever and go wherever whilst in Hobar and on the second night we will try and arrange a night out in Hobart, for those that would like to join in, down at the harbourside. 

The restaurant that we will have our meal at serves food that is up with some of the best I have had anywhere in the world, and incredibly reasonably priced.

Setting off the next day the drive up the East Coast will be a mixture of fire trails to some rougher tracks, depending on our final route for the day, and we will aim for between Swansea and St Marys, in 2015 everyone unanimously voted to stay at the St Marys Hotel, where we were well looked after in the dinning room before retiring for the night to our very clean and tidy rooms.

Off the next day, our final full day on the trip for our final camping destiantion around Musselroe Bay via Ansons Bay and Eddystone Point.

Our final day has arrived as we pack up and make a leisurely start towards our final destination, Devonport. This should be an easy day, leaving plenty of time for those that plan to catch that nights ferry back to the mainland, though we may decide to see a little more of the coast so we may take a drive up towards Cape Portland before heading back inland towards Scottsdale and Devonport.

Optionally we may decide to stick with the coast a little longer after Bridport and head for George Town which will mean crossing the Tamar River some 30 or so kilometres north of Launceston and missing Launceston all together.

As far as the weather is concerned, February is the best time to visit Tasmania, however, the area that we will be travelling through during much of the trip is very weather dependant as far as tracks being open or closed, tracks being safely doable or not and so on so all activities will be assessed at the time as to whether we do them or move on to something else, there is plenty to do in Tasmania so we won't be left twiddling our thumbs.

Sorry this trip is NOT camper trailer or caravan friendly. If you want to see the best parts of Tasmania they are mostly accessable by 4wd vehicles but not 4wd vehicles towing any sort of trailer.

A 10% deposit secures your place on the trip so book early, once the trip is full that's it.

On this Tasmanian 4wd Tag Along Tour Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours supplies a support vehicle fully equipped with recovery equipment, the latest satellite phone equipment, GPS tracking equipment and Emergency Locator Beacon.

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walking a river on Tasmania 4wd Tag Along Tour Trip

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